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Everyone should be able to work in a place where they are safe and free from harm, even those that work in the industrial industry. Unfortunately, there are potential dangers in every workplace and thousands of Texas workers are injured while on the job every year. These injuries can cause extensive damages, and those responsible for them need to be held liable. At Annie McAdams, PC, our attorneys help people injured in industrial workplace accidents recover the compensation they deserve.

Common Causes of Texas Industrial Workplace Accidents

The accidents that occur in Texas industrial workplaces are typically a culmination of unsafe conditions, heavy machinery, and inadequately trained employees in supervisory positions. There are a number of other factors that contribute, including:

  • Fatigue: Industrial jobs are labor-intensive, and lack of rest leads to mistakes and accidents.
  • Hazardous Materials: Hazardous materials are commonly found at industrial work sites. If they are not handled, stored, or disposed of properly, they are capable of causing extensive injuries.
  • Lifting: A major source of workplace injury is when a worker lifts an object that is too heavy for them, or lifts heavy items repetitively. This leads to strains, sprains, and tearing of muscles.
  • Working from Heights: The constant movement of people and machinery, along with the necessity of working from great heights, leads to injuries from trips and falls at industrial work sites.
  • Violent Attacks: Believe it or not, violent attacks between workers are a leading cause of industrial accident injuries.
  • Heat Exhaustion: It gets hot in Texas, and workers that are exposed to the elements are at an increased chance of working in extremely high temperatures. This can lead to heat exhaustion, which is when the body loses too much salt and fluids through excessive sweating. Heat exhaustion causes dizziness, confusion, weakness, and a feeling of being light-headed. All of these symptoms can contribute to accidents in an industrial environment.

Prevention of Texas Industrial Workplace Accidents

There are actions that should be taken to help prevent these workplace accidents from happening, including:

  • Safety Training: Safety training should be thorough and mandatory, and it should take place often. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that every employee is aware of and executing safety protocols.
  • Machine Maintenance: The machinery at industrial sites is used often and therefore maintenance should occur frequently.
  • Governmental Regulations: The government has issued strict guidelines regarding how to prevent workplace accidents. These guidelines should be strictly adhered to at all times

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