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Doing What’s Right. Each and Every Time.

Doing What’s Right. Each and Every Time.

At Annie McAdams PC we believe that by holding wrongdoers accountable we can change the world we live in to be a safer place for our families and children. Our Texas personal injury attorneys have demonstrated this time and time again, securing justice for men and women just like you.

Our team is driven by a commitment to what’s important to our clients and a drive to win. We believe in the individuality of cases and recognize this moment of crisis in your life. Over the years, we have fought for thousands of victims and families in tough, complex cases. We aren’t just trial lawyers — we are fearless and resilient advocates for the injured.

How We Help

Real People Just Like You

Personal Injury

We defend the rights and entitlements of accident victims and others who have suffered a serious injury.

Big Tech Accountability

We believe "big tech," which includes social media companies many of us use every day should be held legally liable for what is posted on their respective platforms.

Wrongful Death

The untimely death of a loved one is a unique kind of broken heart. We can help you hold negligent parties accountable.

Dangerous Drugs

Drug companies distribute unsafe products, and consumers pay the price, but we don’t think that’s right.

Human Trafficking

Traffickers use violence, threats and deception to force people to engage in commercial sex or to provide labor against their will. We hold them accountable.

Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for legitimate insurance claims to be wrongfully denied. You are entitled to your insurance benefits.

We Accept Referrals from Lawyers Nationwide

We work with attorneys throughout Texas and across the country on a co-counsel and referral basis. We are proud of our respected national reputation as leading trial lawyers. With offices in Houston and Colorado, our team handles cases nationwide.

A Little Bit About Our Preeminent

Independent Female-Led Trial Firm

We’re old school.

Our team will know your name when you call. We will remember your favorite sports team and that you prefer morning call times.

Championing change is what we do.

A change in the law is only one case away and when it is best for our community we’re on board with the challenge to make law and legislation more safe, fair, and accessible.

We’ve got heart bigger than Texas.

We started this work to change the way personal injury cases are delivered to men and women and children. We’re in it for the right reasons.

We’re always authentic.

We believe in what we say and do, which often means an approach that’s out of the norm. That’s okay; there is no fear here, just strength.


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Annie McAdams

Annie McAdams fights her battles in the courtroom for people who have been wronged by insurance companies, manufacturers, other people,…U.S. She fights for the safety of our community and nation by litigating human trafficking cases across the U.S, and protects the rights of the injured after an accident or serious injury.

Annie McAdams

Successes: Understand the Force that is Annie McAdams PC

“Industries don’t change when they know lawyers will just settle.”

-   Annie McAdams

Annie McAdams Launches New Website

Annie McAdams PC is proud to announce the launch of a new website, designed to bring a streamlined and flexible user experience to clients in the Houston, TX area and all throughout the United States.   The new website features a contemporary design with a streamlined navigation and improved user accessibility. […]

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