A Texas Port Injuries Accident Attorney

Texas is blessed to have a thriving industry located along its shoreline. There are many state residents dependent upon the maritime industry for their livelihood. Unfortunately, many of these workers are injured in port injuries, leaving them unable to provide their family and loved ones with the care they need. At Annie McAdams, PC, we help people with port injuries and other industrial accident injuries recover monetarily so they can continue to provide for those closest to them.

Common Reasons For Texas Port Injuries

Texas ports handle millions of international and domestic cargo. Our ports are used to distribute commodities such as oil, gas, produce, technology, and manufacturing goods. They remain busy, causing many port workers to sustain injuries. Some of the reasons these injuries occur are:

  • Cargo Accidents: Large containers full of cargo are a common sight at ports. They require a lot of workers to move, load, and unload them, and one little error or miscalculation of space can cause cargo to injure unsuspecting workers.
  • Crane Accidents: Cranes are used to help move cargo containers on and off ships, and around the port. If the weight of a load is underestimated, or if the crane operator makes an error, the cargo can then fall from a significant height, injuring anyone that is unlucky enough to be standing beneath the crane at that time.
  • Falling Objects: Cargo containers are stacked high on ships during transport and they are stacked high while in port waiting on transport. The process of stacking these containers takes skill and cooperation. Should a mistake happen, an object may fall and strike anyone working nearby.
  • Wet Surfaces: Working next to and actually in the ocean results in surfaces and machinery becoming wet. This leads to slippery surfaces and the inability to get a tight grip on items, which in turn leads to slips, falls, and dropping of items.
  • Mooring Line Accidents: Mooring lines are cables that are used to keep ships secured while they are docked in port. When the line is damaged, or not properly secured, or placed under too much pressure, it can snap. The damage then occurs in a ripple effect. Anyone near the snapping line can be hit with it, and it will hit with significant force. The ship may move, causing cargo to fall and workers to be caught in dangerous situations.
  • Inclement Weather: Inclement weather and busy ports do not mix well. A storm can cause reduced visibility, and the winds it produces can make moving cargo safely much more difficult.

A Texas Port Injuries Accident Attorney Fighting For You

Port injuries are not an area well understood by most personal injury attorneys. At Annie McAdams, we represent workers injured in all types of industrial accidents and know how to go about helping them obtain the compensation they deserve. You may reach us by calling 713-785-6262 or via our contact page.