About Us

Backed by Years of Experience

Few law firms can claim to have the familiarity of injury law that Annie McAdams PC does. Widely considered to be a progressive legal team of injury attorneys, we have been putting our talents, knowledge, and tenacity to good use for people in need for years. Despite the legal world constantly changing in terms of new laws written, new standards adapted, and new technological advancements that impact how cases unfold, there is one thing that has remained constant: the kindness, compassion, and dedication you can find at Annie McAdams PC.

The cornerstones of our law firm, with offices in Houston and Denver, are:

  • Concentration – When we accept an injury case for a client, it becomes the focus until it closes. We do not distract ourselves with unrelated legal topics, like criminal defense or family law. Our clients know that they can come to us for reliable representation for personal injury and insurance claims.
  • Forethought – A good way to lose a case is to not give it the time and attention it needs. We make certain to provide ourselves ample time to understand each case we take and form an intelligent, thorough strategy when litigation or negotiation approaches.
  • Personalization – No client or case is the same as the next. We appreciate the differences in our clients and use a personalized touch to make certain each case is built just for them, not for anyone else. This extra detail strengthens the case inside and out.
  • Experience – When we say that experience matters to us at Annie McAdams PC, we do not just mean how many years we have been helping others through legal representation, but we also mean client experience. If a client is not satisfied with our service, neither are we. After all, the very core of our practice is our clients.

Impressive Victories Built Upon a Foundation of Excellence

Our personal injury attorneys truly embody the four cornerstones we value most at Annie McAdams PC and much more. Armed with both intuition and experience, we are more than ready to take on any opposition, right up to massive healthcare corporations and international companies. There is no case so large it intimidates us, and no case too small to consider – we know every case is the most important case in the world for the injured parties that need our help.