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Are you filing an insurance claim after discovering a defect in a construction project? It is not uncommon for construction defect claims to be met with resistance—if you are encountering an issue with your claim, or your claim has been denied, you may need the skilled representation of an insurance claims lawyer to help you secure the benefits you deserve.

At Annie McAdams PC, our attorneys put two decades of combined experience to work for our clients who are fighting for their entitlements with a construction defect claim. Call us today and protect your entitlements!

Is the Construction Defect Covered by Insurance?

There is a general rule to follow when determining whether an issue is a construction defect: if it takes away from the value of the common area, condo, or home, it may be legally considered a construction defect. Most construction defects are considered “defects related to land movement” or “defects in design or workmanship.”

Construction defects related to land movement include:

  • Landslides and drainage
  • Poor or improper compaction
  • Underground water (streams, etc.)

Construction defects related to land movement include:

  • Stucco deficiencies
  • Faulty drainage and water seepage
  • Inadequate insulation

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With more than two decades of collective experience, our lawyers have handled some of the most complex insurance claim cases around. When you need to file a construction defect claim, your case should be airtight and withstand pressure from the insurance company. Without guidance from a skilled attorney, you could lose out on the entitlements you deserve!

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Having an existing construction defect is one thing—proving that the defect exists and holding the contractor, builder, or another party responsible is another matter entirely. This is where most people run into difficulty when filing their construction defect claim. Our construction defect attorneys have helped thousands of clients find a way through their legal trouble.