Business Interruption Claims

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Business interruption insurance (sometimes known as business income insurance) covers losses of business income that occur as a result of disasters, as well as indirect losses that may occur from suspended operations. It is common for business to file a business interruption claim when fires, earthquakes, floods, and other extreme weather conditions cause serious damage to an operating facility or other physical location.

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When disaster strikes and causes heavy losses to the income of your business, filing a business interruption claim is the first step to protecting your assets and the best interests of your business. At Annie McAdams PC, our business interruption claim lawyers have helped thousands of individuals take effective legal action to secure their entitlements! Contact our team immediately and let us help you file your claim.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

Although business interruption insurance policies may vary from one carrier to the next, they generally cover most direct and indirect losses that occur during a disaster or a similarly “insured event.” While property insurance may only cover physical damage done to a business, business interruption insurance covers profits and other losses that may occur.

Direct and indirect losses covered by a business interruption policy include:

  • Profits that would have been earned
  • Fixed costs/operating expenses incurred
  • Commission/training on new equipment
  • Reasonable expenses other than fixed costs
  • Gov’t-mandated closure (civil authority ingress/egress)

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