Mission & Philosophy

You’ve been injured and you want the best representation available. You want counsel that isn’t afraid to stand up and fight for what’s right. You need a litigator that doesn’t fold when the going gets tough. You demand a lawyer that listens to what you have to say, and knows you by your first name. 

You require the experienced help available at Annie McAdams, PC.

At our firm we do things differently, and we believe our work speaks for itself. Our consistent record of securing justice, obtaining compensation, and pleasing our clients is unparalleled. We are very proud of our many accomplishments that we believe are the result of our unique approach to helping those injured by the negligent, intentional, or reckless actions of others. 

Experience Matters

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… experience matters. At Annie McAdams, PC, we have the experience both in years and the number of clients we have represented. Every case we handle better prepares us for the next one to walk through our door. 

Aggressive & Relentless Pursuit of Justice

We fight hard. We are aggressive and don’t back down, and the reason for that is we don’t like to lose. If we take on a case, it’s because we believe in it and the outcome matters to us on a personal level. So when we agree to take your case, know that we understand you have been wronged, and we are relentless when it comes to setting things right.

No Case Too Big Or Too Small

We know all cases are big to the person that has been injured and their loved ones, which is why each case gets the attention it requires for it’s best chance at a successful conclusion. We give every client the one-on-one attention they deserve. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

Fearless Representation

It has been our experience, and perhaps yours, that many lawyers take the easy route. They settle when it makes more sense to go to trial. They are intimidated and don’t want to take on big name defendants. You won’t find that kind of timidity here. We go toe-to-toe with those responsible for your injuries, no matter how big the company or the number of lawyers on their team. 

A Voice For The Voiceless

Many people, especially women, feel small. They believe that they and their situation do not matter, so why should they stand up and fight? Annie McAdams PC, is a voice for those that typically are not heard. We represent victims of human trafficking, and take pride in speaking up for those that cannot speak up for themselves.

An Industry Disruptor

Too many lawyers go with the flow, accepting the way things are done just because they’ve always been done that way. They accept the law the way that it is when a change is always just one judicial decision away.

A Texas Tough Litigator In Your Own Backyard

If you desire representation from a firm that doesn’t make you feel like a nuisance and will fight for what you deserve, you need the team of legal professionals at Annie McAdams PC. We are conveniently located in Houston, but if you aren’t that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Call 713-785-6262 or go to our contact page to speak with a team member and learn more about our services.