Big Tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are part of our daily lives. Their services are so ingrained into our routines and methods that we rarely if at all, stop to question how their market domination may be impacting our lives, privacy, and safety in a negative way. We question it at Annie McAdams, P.C. We question it, and we challenge it.

Divisive algorithms, the opposition (or even threatening or bullying) to certain political views, and the “buy-up-the-competition” species of monopolization are all examples of the increasingly dangerous types of Big Tech tactics. In the legal world, we continue to see the debate between political leaders, legal advocates, and involved businesspeople, regarding how much legal liability social media services – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok – should face for what is posted on their respective platforms. 

Annie McAdams, P.C. is and will continue to be an active participant in the conversation regarding Big Tech’s legal liability. We believe that these corporate giants need to be held responsible for their actions, or inactions, that lead to safety issues for their users.

Annie McAdams Takes On Big Tech and Prevails

Annie McAdams challenged Facebook in 2022 holding them accountable for their complacency that lead to a Texas woman being sex trafficked as a child. The lawsuit made national headlines, including an evening special segment with NBC Nightly News. Facebook has failed for nearly three years to have the case thrown out, filing multiple unsuccessful appeals.

“Changing the law is only one case away.”

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook and its algorithms are part of the problem, placing users of these platforms at risk by allowing children and predators to connect. As one of the most active voices in the human trafficking legal community, our law firm intends to take businesses to task for their part, however passive, in the sex trafficking trade.

How We’re Making a Difference and Holding Big Tech Accountable

Big Tech is facing mounting legal and regulatory scrutiny, which has led to a series of lawsuits and bad press. At Annie McAdams, PC we are happy to be leading the conversation and helping to change the law to make the Internet a safer place for our children.