A Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

A typical 18-wheeler weighs in at 80,000 pounds. The weight of a typical car is somewhere around 4,200 pounds, which means an 18-wheeler weighs almost 20 times more than a car. That is a significant difference, and it’s often obvious in the aftermath of a collision between the two vehicles. Many people injured in accidents with 18 wheelers lose their lives or sustain catastrophic injuries. The attorneys at Annie McAdams, PC, step up to help those injured and the loved ones of those that pass away, recover the payment they are entitled to.

Why Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Are So Complicated

Being in an accident with another car is shockingly different from being in an accident with an 18 wheeler when it comes to the process of pursuing compensation for your injuries. There are multiple reasons for this, including:

Number of Potentially Liable Parties

In a collision with an 18 wheeler, there has to be an investigation to determine who is liable. There may be one or more parties responsible, including:

  • Truck Driver: Perhaps the truck driver fudged the books to make it look like he was in compliance with regulations dictating how long he can be behind the wheel. Or maybe he had a few alcoholic drinks before driving. There are many ways in which a truck driver can be liable for a collision.
  • Trucking Company: The trucking company is responsible for making sure the 18 wheeler is roadworthy, and that the truck driver is licensed and thoroughly trained. There are other matters the trucking company is responsible for, and an experienced Texas 18 wheeler accident attorney will know what to investigate.
  • Vehicle Manufacturer: It is entirely possible the truck driver and trucking company followed all the rules, but the truck itself is the product of manufacturer error. An example would be a truck with a design flaw that causes it to improperly shift secured cargo.

Texas & Federal Trucking Regulations

The trucking industry in Texas is heavily regulated by the state and federal government. There are many rules and regulations they are subjected to that a defendant in a typical collision is not.

  • A truck driver must keep logs of the amount of time they spend driving to ensure they are receiving adequate time to rest.
  • A truck driver must receive much more extensive training and even a special license before they are allowed to operate an 18-wheeler.
  • There are rules that state how large any cargo 18-wheeler transport can be, as well as how it is to be secured to the trailer.
  • 18-wheelers must undergo regular maintenance to ensure they are safe to operate on Texas roadways.

Consult With A Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

The collision between your vehicle and the 18-wheeler was certainly not a fair fight, but don’t go down without swinging when it comes to recovering the compensation you need. The personal injury attorneys at Annie McAdams, PC, will ensure the proper legal steps are taken so that you can concentrate on your recovery. You may contact us by calling 713-785-6262 or via our contact page.