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Personal Injury FAQ

Understanding the Personal Injury Claims-Filing Process

Far too many victims and families lack the information they need to fully understand their rights and how they can protect them. In the immediate aftermath of accidents, injuries, and illnesses, learning about your legal options and the personal injury claim process should be one of your main priorities. At Annie McAdams PC, our personal injury attorneys focus on educating our clients about all of the legal complexities involved in their case. This is why we have chosen to include some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients just beginning their legal journey.

What is a personal injury claim?
A personal injury claim is essentially a lawsuit filed in a civil court. Unlike criminal cases, civil legal proceedings concern only the responsibility of defendants to compensate plaintiffs, rather than their guilt. Personal injury claims can be filed by victims who suffer harm and emotional, physical, and / or financial damages as the result of another's wrongdoings.

What is liability?
Liability is a term used to describe a person's legal obligation for the damages of another. In the context of personal injury claims, a liable party is financially responsible for compensating an injured victim for the damages they caused.

What compensation can I receive?
Victims, and family members in some cases, are eligible to receive monetary compensation when a court determines that a wrongdoer is liable for their damages. Although the compensation will vary from case to case, victims will generally be awarded economic damages, non-economic damages, and, in some cases, punitive damages.

How do I know if I have a claim?
Generally, if you or a loved one were harmed as the result of another's negligence, carelessness, or wrongful act, you will most likely be able to pursue a claim. There are numerous ways in which these situations can manifest, and our personal injury attorneys can assist you in determining if you have a viable claim.

Do I need an attorney?
While it is not a legal requirement that you have representation when filing a claim, the benefits of working with experienced counsel far outnumber any reasons why you should not. Our personal injury lawyers handle all legal matters on your behalf and can ultimately strengthen your chances for success. At a time when you and your family may be depending on the results of your claim, working with an attorney should be a priority.

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These questions and answers were intended to act as a starting point in your personal injury claim process. If you have any more questions about filing a claim, or if you wish to discuss your case personally with a personal injury lawyer form our firm, contact Annie McAdams PC today. Our team is equipped to handle tough cases and stands ready to fight on your behalf. We have a reputation for winning and are not afraid to take on the toughest legal matters that come our way.

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